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Dryer Vent Wizard - Google Ads - Grew Leads by 200% and increased ROI by 80%

Overview -

Dryer Vent Wizard - The Dryer Vent Wizard franchise system was founded in 2004 in Boston by David Lavalle, who also founded the Mr. Handyman franchise. He commonly saw issues resulting from dryer vent lint accumulation, blockages, disrepair, or improper venting configurations. With a great need for dryer vent specialists, the franchise quickly expanded into a successful business specializing in dryer fire prevention and energy savings through vent cleaning, inspection, repair, and maintenance for residential and commercial properties.

Problem -

Dryer Vent Wizard grappled with the challenge of measuring advertising ROI, leading to significant ad spending needing clarity on its impact. They also sought an advertising strategy that generated leads and ensured their quality. Leveraging a decade of copywriting experience, our services provided tailored solutions, bringing clarity to their ROI metrics and driving tangible value to their business, all while delivering high-quality leads.

Solution -

We increased leads by 200% and ROI by 80% for Dryer Vent Wizard while lowering their advertising budget by implementing a new Google ads strategy. We added trackable methods to ensure we aligned with new metrics goals.


IGS Legal, PA - Local SEO - Increased SMM engagement by 90% and website by 100%

Overview -

Attorney Isela Guzman Simpkins graduated from Stetson Law School in 2014 with a Juris Doctorate. Before starting IGS Legal, Isela worked in criminal law and civil law. Additionally, Isela offers estate planning services and criminal law defense advocacy.

Isela focuses on estate planning for families with young children. Her goal is to provide peace of mind by planning for your and your family's future.

Isela also has extensive experience in criminal law as a prior prosecutor and public defender. She uses that experience to advocate for her client and achieve the best outcome for their case.

Problem -

Isela reached out to learn how we could increase their leads and overall online visibility. The Law Firm stated that they had two major pain points that needed to be resolved:

  • Inability To Rank For Estate Planning

  • A strategic brand awareness campaign

  • No social media presence

Solution -

We've implemented a strategic SMM(Social Media Marketing) campaign with 90% more engagement, a 100% increase in website activity, and increased local SEO rankings to include the local map pack.


Local Chiropractor Orlando - Google Ads - Increased leads by 100% with a $84 CPA

Overview -

The local chiropractor aimed to boost its customer base and revenue through a strategic investment in Google Ads. Their goal was to leverage targeted keywords, carefully allocated budgets, and compelling ad copy to entice potential clients to explore the clinic's offerings.

Strategy -

  • Keyword Selection and Planning:

The campaign targeted specific keywords related to chiropractic services, taking into consideration the local market and potential clients.

  • Budgeting:

The suggested budget for the campaign was set at $1,500 per month. This allocation was based on an analysis of the average costs and traffic related to the selected keywords.

  • Ad Copy Creation and Testing:

The campaign involved the creation of engaging ad copies, followed by testing to ensure they were optimized for conversion.

  • Conversion Tracking and Adjustments:

Conversion tracking within Google was used to monitor the effectiveness of the ads, and ongoing bid adjustments were implemented to optimize the spending.

Solution -

The campaign achieved the following results:

Average combined Cost Per Click (CPC): $4.20

Total Website Sessions from Google Ads: 357 pre-qualified visitors per month

Conversion Rate: 5% (18 leads per month)

Estimated Cost per Conversion: $84

Estimated Revenue: $7,054/month

Estimated Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): 370.2% (an estimated gain of $5,554/month within 90 days)

With a 50% close rate for Sales, the campaign demonstrated a substantial ROI, as calculated through a partner ROI calculator (Hubspot).


Flapjack - Google Ads - Increased SMM engagement by 90% and website by 100%

Overview -

Flapjack specializes in crafting captivating and user-friendly menus that enhance your brand's identity and elevate the dining experience for your patrons. Located in the heart of San Francisco, CA, and was established in 2021. Our team combines expertise with a deep understanding of the local dining landscape to tailor designs that resonate with your target audience. Every detail, from typography to imagery, is crucial in telling your brand's story and enticing your customers.

Problem -

Flapjack's primary challenges included:

  • Limited Visibility: Being a newly established company, Flapjack lacked brand recognition and struggled with limited visibility in a competitive market.

  • Marketing Strategy: They had expertise in menu design but needed guidance on developing an effective marketing strategy to target their ideal clientele.

  • Client Acquisition: Flapjack needed help with effectively reaching out to potential clients and converting them into long-term partners.

Solution -

We implemented a MOF (Middle of Funnel) and BOF( Bottom of Funnel) Google ads strategy to address the challenges of bringing brand awareness and attracting those looking for menu design services. We increased his total leads from 0 to 24 in 3-weeks. At the same time, driving more than 1K viewers to the business landing page.


LTT Group - Equity Set Google Adsense Approval

Overview -

Google AdSense stands as a vital platform for publishers seeking to generate revenue. However, LTT Group faced a perplexing challenge - persistent policy violations that jeopardized their monetization efforts. These violations needed to be more specific and attainable, leaving them in search of expert guidance to resolve the issue and secure approval for their AdSense account. In their quest for clarity, they shared a screenshot of the ambiguous violation message from Google AdSense.

Problem -

LTT Group encountered these issues: 

  • Policy Violations: Google AdSense consistently flagged their website for policy violations, but the exact nature of the violations remained unclear. This led to frustration and uncertainty about how to rectify the issues.

  • Vague Messaging: The violation messages provided by Google AdSense lacked specificity, making it challenging to pinpoint the precise cause of the violations or take corrective action.

  • Monetization Hurdles: Due to these ongoing violations, the publisher faced difficulties monetizing their content effectively, affecting their revenue and growth prospects.

Solution -

LTT Group contacted us for professional advice in tackling their persistent Google AdSense policy issues. After a thorough compliance audit, we pinpointed specific problems, applied the required fixes, and, in the end, secured their AdSense approval. This accomplishment led to a boost in their online content revenue, highlighting the power of expert guidance and a systematic approach to resolving policy concerns while enhancing monetization prospects.


Roofing Repair Company - Grew Google Ads Lead to 40+ per month MOM

Overview -

This reputable home improvement company excels in delivering top-quality roof installations and repairs to the Chattanooga, TN area and surroundings areas. Their commitment to excellence and longevity shines through in every project, as they strive to enhance homes both aesthetically and functionally. With a skilled team of professionals, they provide homeowners with durable and secure roofing solutions, whether it's a new installation or expert repairs, ensuring peace of mind and a well-maintained home.

Problem -

The company was facing a critical challenge in their quest for growth. They were in desperate need of new business opportunities and high-quality phone calls to keep their skilled workforce engaged and thriving. They found themselves in a tough spot as they struggled to generate these must needed leads. This left their capable team eager and ready to put their skills to use but without enough opportunities to do so. It was clear that they needed a reliable strategy to not only attract potential clients but also ensure that these leads matched the expertise of their workforce.

Solution -

We strategically executed a Google Search Ads solution, pinpointing individuals actively seeking our client's services with precision. Our dedicated Google Ads team meticulously and proactively optimized each campaign to yield the most favorable outcomes. As a final result, this tactical approach culminated in the generation of valuable new leads for the client, significantly contributing to the overall expansion and success of their business.

Results -

Unique impressions - 15,218

Conversions - 46

Phone Calls - 42

CTR - 0.93%


Plastic Surgeon - Grew Face Ads Lead to 88+ per month with $3.49 CPL

Overview -

This clinic, nestled in the heart of Dallas, Texas, is your trusted destination for plastic surgery. They have a remarkable proficiency in both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, serving patients of all ages with a personalized touch.

Their dedicated team's commitment to excellence goes beyond just enhancing appearances; it's about improving the lives and well-being of each patient, ensuring a comprehensive and caring approach to every individual's needs.

Problem -

Understanding the considerable costs linked to plastic surgery treatments, our aim was to focus on reaching those who could comfortably meet these expenses and were genuinely interested in such services.

Given that these treatments primarily appealed to a female clientele, we needed a well-tailored approach to ensure our marketing efforts truly resonated with this specific audience, thereby enhancing the overall impact.

Solution -

The combination of Messenger Ads and Video Ads helped not only bring in prospects but then give them a personal touch, which encouraged them to take action.

As a Facebook Messenger Ad, the Send Message call to action opens Facebook messenger where the user can have their questions answered or easily book and appointment.

Results -

We were able to generate 143 high quality leads at a CPR of $3.56 for this client.

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